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Summer Casual Conversations

Over the summer, our women meet in homes for fellowship and conversation on topics that impact our Christian walk.  This summer we will discuss marriage, ministry, and friendship. Come prepared to engage, learn, and converse together with the women of Christ Redeemer.

Casual Conversations happens the second Tuesday of the month from 7:00 PM – 9:15 PM.

June 11th - Marriage

What a wonderful gift God gives to us in marriage!  It is a beautiful display of the gospel to a lost and dying world and often the fast track to sanctification, agreed? In our time together in June, we talked about the Biblical foundation of marriage, some of the greatest challenges that marriages face today, and cultural messages vs. Biblical instruction about marriage.  We received offer several concrete ideas that we could take away and apply in our marriages as we seek to glorify God and love our spouses better.

To listen to this session of WDW, follow the link below.

Ronday Murray & Mary Robbins: On Marriage - Listen Here

July 9th - Ministry within Christ Redeemer Church and Beyond

A panel of ladies led our discussion about what it looks like to serve at Christ Redeemer, especially in this season of growth and change. We heard how the gifts of Mercy and Helps ministers to the body and how we can each grow in these areas.  We had an engaging discussion where we learned from one another about how we can better serve each other in our local church and better serve our families, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.

“Give thought to how we can take captive our discretionary time to claim a better purpose and make ministry a joyful priority.  God has wired us as women to nurture, to tend, and to befriend. “When I care for His Bride, when I invest in other women, I am actually privileged to help get the Bride ready to meet the Bridegroom.”  Susan Hunt

Service Panel Discussion (Meredith Nurge, Mary Margaret Bogue, Rebecca Puster, Ashley Woodruff, Katie Babb) - Listen Here

August 13th - Biblical Friendship

Three of our ladies will lead a discussion on what it takes to make and have biblical friendship. While we find our worth in that Jesus calls us friend, we still desire and need the help of other Christian women as we strive to walk closely with Jesus. We look forward to a rich and encouraging discussion on Biblical friendship and how the truth of the Gospel can transform our relationships with one another.

“True friends pray bigger things for you than you can pray for yourself.  They believe for you when your faith is weak. They make space for you when life is falling apart.  True friends remind you in every encounter who and what is most important. The best gift a friend can give is a commitment to fight for our joy in and communion with Christ.”  Kelly Needham


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